Valley of Silence
4 days/ 3 nights

"Valle del Silencio"

   Valle del Silencio (Valley of Silence) is the name of a valley located in La Amistad International Park at the top of the highlands on this magical area.  The closest village to the entrance of the trek is Altamira of Biolley where hikers will spend the night before the trek. Other activities are available in this village in case travelers are interested in spending additional nights. 

     The geography of this trail is quite irregular. A long the path, there are stretches with steep slopes, which demand great effort. This trek goes from 1,370 to 2,500 meters above sea level. We suggest the tour for hikers with experience in hikes of similar distances and altitudes.

What to bring?
Trip Facts
How to get to Altamira

Day 1

     Arrival to the village of Altamira in Biolley. We suggest visitors to arrive early in order to arrange everything for the next day without any inconvenience. The overnight will be at the station in the community.

Day 2

     Our hike starts at 5 o’clock in the morning. Thus, we will avoid high radiation of midday hours. Hiking poles are very useful or any stick you can find in the way. Please, do not cut any since we are in a protected area. After around two hours, we make a stop at Casa Coca. We will take a break here while enjoying a snack.

     Casa Cosa was a cattle ranch for a long time. Currently, cattle is prohibited in the area as well as logging. As time has gone, the surroundings have recovered its natural conditions and forests with abundant native species. As the walk goes on, we approach to Cerro Frantzius. It is named after Dr. Alexander Von Frantzius who conducted several biological expeditions in Costa Rica between 1847 and 1869.

    Time later, we arrive in the top limit between the Pacific and the Atlantic slope. This point is located at 2,250 meters of altitude and is know as the watershed. It is quite interesting since here some waters will flow towards the Caribbean slope while others will do so towards the Pacific slope. As we go closer to the Caribbean, we will notice how the soil and conditions get more wet than at the Pacific.

     After this exahustive walk of approximately 8 hours, we arrive at the shelter to enjoy a delicious lunch. In the afternoon, we can go out to observe birds, such as quetzals and trogons. Those who wish can stay resting, reading or playing board games.


Day 3

     Today’s hike starts after breakfast. We head to the Garden, which is at 4 km from the refuge.Peatlands are typical ecosystems here and commonly mixed with herbs and bushes of species characteristic of this area. The Garden owes its name to the abundant colors and shapes of the vegetation, and they look like natural gardens. We will have a picnic lunch in The Garden. In the afternoon, you can go for a walk on nearby trails or enjoy the peacefulness of this wonderful forest. Dinner and lodging at the refuge

Day 4

     We return to the village of Altamira on this day. As we climb down the mountains we will be able to observe and pay closer attentention to the landscapes as usually happends. We will use the same stops on the way down. Once in Altamira, we enjoy our lunch.

  • Two nights at the camp ground
  • Meals (Day 2 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ; Day 3: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ; Day 4: Breakfast and lunch
  • Admission to La Amistad International Park
  • Local guiding service
What to bring?
  • Gloves
  • Fleece
  • Sweater
  • Winter hat
  • Sunblock
  • Hiking shoes (comfortable shoes)
  • Bottle of water (1lt or similar)
  • Towel
  • Raincoat (during winter)
  • Headlamp.
  • A pair of shoes to wear in the station
  • Personal care items
Trip Facts

Maximun altitude is 2,500 m.a.s.l at the summit.

Local guide is mandatory.

All meals required are included.

Difficulty is high, and for experienced hikers.

How to get to Altamira

Take the Panamerican highway to the South and turn off at the entrance to Paso Real (km 234). Continue for 20 km until you reach the Guácimo entrance (known as Las Tablas). At the Guácimo junction, turn left where the “La Y Griega” grocery store is. From this junction, continue 14 km following the characteristic signs of the Biolley district towards Biolley. Follow the signs to AsoProLA and Altamira, the Posada Rural La Amistad is located next to the entrance to the PILA.


Number of People *Price
1 $385
2 $370
3 $350
4 $338
5 $325
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*Prices per person in US dollars

*Guiding service is mandatory


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