Chirripo Classic Tour 4 days/ 3 nights

"Chirripo tour through San Gerardo Side"

     Ready to take the Chrripo tour? Trekking mount Chirripo is one of the most exciting experiences that any hiker must have in Costa Rica. This is an astonishing place where besides working out your body, you can have a peaceful journey and get in touch with nature in its lovely and quiet surroundings. Additionally, fresh air will fill out your lungs and make you get rid of any stressful situation you may have. If you are wondering what place to visit in Costa Rica for an intensively good hike, then you have found the tour to conquer the highest peak of Costa Rica.

     Even though Chirripo is the highest peak in the country, many people can reach its top. However, it is a long journey, and those who are not used to trekking activities should either train a lot previously or visit the park during summer season  staying two nights at the base camp. It is also possible to spend three nights in a row in the park during low season. Nevertherless, non-experienced visitors must always draw enough information before planning their trip since there are several conditions of this place that must be taken into account.

What to bring?
Trip Facts
How to get to San Gerardo de Rivas

Day 1

     Our tour starts by arriving in the village of San Gerardo de Rivas before 3:30 p.m. You will spend the night at a hotel in the village and prepare yourself for an early departure the next day.


 Day 2

     We suggest visitors start the hike at around 5:30 a.m. so intense sunlight radiation can be avoided. An early departure will also give you the chance to take a short hike in the park in the afternoon. For instance, you migth climb up Ventisqueros on this day.

     The distance from the entrance of the trail in San Gerardo to Base Crestones (station in the park) is 14,5 km. During the hike, the trail goes by grasslands and some areas with forest. The midpoint has a small shelter where you can recharge water, have a snack,and rest a little. The last section requires bitter work since the acclivity is tough, but it is a matter of taking short rests and keep on the move.

     Once in the station, you go to the registration to ask for your room and then have lunch. It might be the other way around depending on the time you arrive in the station. In the afternoon, you may take a hike near the station or just rest to get ready for the next day.


Day 3

     Today is the most exciting day since we will climb up the highest mountain of Costa Rica. We may start too early in the morning to reach the summit and see the sunrise. Pictures are always incredible at this point, and you need to have evidence that you did conquered the Chirripo peak. From this amazing place, you can opt to visit the natural lagoons or return to the station. On the way down, you can take a different trail (with a guide) to make a loop instead of taking the same way back.


Day 4

     After breakfast and an incredible experience in this place, we get ready to go back all the way to San Gerardo de Rivas. Lunch will be ready in the lodge you spent the first night. You may also take a shower before setting out to a new destination in Costa Rica.

  • One night of lodging in San Gerardo de Rivas with dinner, breakfast and lunch the day you return from Chirripo
  • Three days of admission to Chirripó Park
  • Two nights of lodging in Base Crestones Station
  • Full board in the station
  • Assistance for check-in at the park office
  • Local guiding service (if you book the guided tour)
  • Taxes
What to bring?
  • Bottle of water (1lt)
  • Hiking poles
  • Sunblock
  • Warm clothing
  • Raincoat (rainy season)
  • Hiking shoes
  • Flashlight
  • Camara

Frequently Asked Questions about the Chirripó tour

Are there sleeping bags for rent?

Yes, there are sleeping bags you can rent at the station. However, the station provides two blankets and one pillow. If you think you may need a sleeping bag you should arrange it in advance at the reception.

Do you rent hiking poles?

No, you will need to take yours. This stuff is useful mainly on the way down.

Can people camp in Chirripo National Park?

Neither camping nor cooking is allowed in this park. 

How much time in advance should I make my reservation for Chirripó?

This park is highly visited, especially during summer season. You had better make your reservation 6 months in advance so you can get the spots the on the dates you need them. During low season, you need to still book early if your visit falls in weekend. Many Costa Ricans take advantage of weekends to climb the Chirripo.

What arrangements do I have to do if I book the trip with your company?

We will take care of every arrangement concerning with park admissions, lodging, food, guiding, etc. You only have to get ready and bring the personal stuff you may need.

Do visitors need to arrive in San Gerardo the day prior the trek?

Yes, you need to register that day at the park office and at the office from the company that provides lodging and food service in the base camp.

What time is the latest to arrive in San Gerardo de Dota to check into the day before the trek?

You need to arrive by 3:00 p.m. or earlier so you do not have any inconvenience checking into. If you arrive later, you might lose your chance to do it that day. If so, you can check into the next day, but after 8:30 a.m. and that demands a late start of the trek. 

Can I climb Chirripó peak in a single day?

Yes, you might be able. Please find out more about our one-day Chirripo tour.

What is the altitude at Crestones base camp?

The altitude at Crestones base camp is around 3,350 m.a.s.l.

What is the altitude at San Gerardo de Rivas?

The village is at around 1,370 m.a.s.l

Trip Facts

Maximun altitude is 3,820 m.a.s.l at the summit.

Local guide is optional, but taking the service may help you visit more attractions if you with to.

All meals Included (cooking is not allowed in the park)

Difficulty level challenging (for non-experienced hikers two nights are suggested)

Lodging shared rooms in the station 

How to get to San Gerardo de Rivas

By Rental Car

Arriving in San Gerardo de Dota is quite simple. First, you arrive in San Isidro de El General. From here, take the Panamerican Highway towards the South crossing the two bridges before the traffic light (in terms of distance it is just 1 km the equivalent of 0.66 miles). Take under consideration that you need to cross the high way to take a secondary road on to the left, so you need to be on the way of the center in order to be able to cross. Once on the secondary road, continue until you get to La Bonita village. On the intersection, you take the right and continue until arriving in Rivas village. There is another intersection and you will take the road at your right again. Keep on that road passing through Guadalupe, Chimirol, and Canaán villages accordingly. Finally, you will see the sign of Chirripó National Park ranger station. You stop there to check into and then continue taking the road at your right hand again. Next to the soccer field, you will see the office where you check into for lodging and food services. You may also ask for instructions of how to get to the hotel you are staying this night.

Note: If you have internet access, use the waze app and it will make it easier (make sure to type San Gerardo de Rivas, Pérez Zeledón). You can also request the location to our whatsapp number.



By Public Bus

For visitors who take public transportation from San José (the capital city), you need to take the bus at MUSOC terminal in San José. Make sure you depart at 9:00 a.m (Costa Rica Time) since the journey to San Isidro takes 3,5 hours at least. Once in San Isidro, you get off the bus and go to the Central Market to take the bus to San Gerardo (ask for time schedule before your arrival) or if you hired transport with us someone from our staff will be waiting for you.



If you hired private transport with us

In case you book private transport with us, we will provide information about where to meet you and time.



Number of People *Price for guided tour *Without guide
1 $798 $426
2 $567 $379
3 $488 $363
4 $449 $355
5 $436 $348
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*Prices per person in US dollars

** Prices valid from Jan 1st  to Nov 1st, 2021

*** Prices might change according to Park policies


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