Chirripó Through "Sabana de los Leones" 4 days/ 3 nights

"Chirripó through San Jerónimo Side"

   Chirripó park has several attractions of which visitors can enjoy during their visit. “Sabana de los Leones” is a flat area in the park that looks like a savanna. This is the reason why locals named it this way. This trekking option starts in the community of San Jerónimo de San Pedro, where you need to arrive the day before the trek in order to register at the park station in this village. The advantage you have when visiting Chirripó through this side is that you can visit this attraction on the way to the park. Most of visitors cannot visit Sabana de los Leones because of the lack of time during the trip.

    This option is moderate as you have the whole morning to reach Base Crestones Station (Station in the park) the trail is exactly the same long as the one through San Gerardo. However, for moderate hikers the trek has to be spending two nights at Base Crestones Station. The trek is available for only one night, but according to our judgement, this number of nights is only okay for experienced hikers used to hikes of a similar quantity of kilometers and similar elevations.

What to bring?
Trip Facts
How to get to San Jerónimo


Day 1

     On this day, you need to arrive in San Jerónimo de San Pedro. Once in San Jerónimo, go to the park office located in front of the elementary school of the village. This is a quite small village so you will easily spot the school. Make sure you have packed you have packed the luggage you need to send with porters in plastic bags (if you hire this service). The person at the reception will assist you with the check-in and let you know where you will spend this first nigh. Ask this person as many questions as you may have because the next morning you will depart quite early.


Day 2

     After breakfast, you take a 4wd vehicle that will drop you off at the entrance of the trail. From here, our journey begins today walking 14 km until reaching Base Crestones. On the way, you will have the chance to spend some time at Sabana de los Leones and continue later towards the station for lunch. You may want to take a short hike in the afternoon near the station if weather conditions allow it. 


Day 3

     Very early in the morning, we depart to the Chirripó summit. The trail is 5,5 km long, and may take 5 hours in average. Some other peaks will show up as we move to higher grounds. From here, we will be able to see the Pacific Coast and possibly the Caribbean, depending on weather conditions. You may have breakfast at the summit (you need to request breakfast to go the night before during dinner).After enjoying to be at the highest summit in the country, we hike down to the base camp for lunch. In the afternoon, you may want to take a short walk to Sabana de los Leones' lookout.

Day 4

     Today, we return to San Jerónimo after having an intense hike. Once in the community, we have lunch and get ready for our next destination in Costa Rica.

  •  One night of lodging in the station of San Jerónimo
  • Two nights at Crestones Base Camp
  • Meals (Day 1: Dinner ; Day 2 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ; Day 3: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ; Day 4: Breakfast and lunch
  • Admission to Chirripó National Park
  • Local guiding service
  • Transportation to the entrance of the trail
What to bring?

Items you may need are: Gloves, winter hat, sweater, Sunblock, fleece, hiking poles (recommended), hiking shoes (comfortable shoes), a pair of shoes to wear in the station, bottle of water (1lt capacity), towel, raincoat (during winter), flashlight. -It is better to dress in layers than only a thick sweater, this will allow you remove/add one or more clothes if you are sweating or cooling down.


Can I recharge my cellphone at Base Crestones Station?

Yes, the station has electricity. However, they turn it off at night, and you can recharge devices in the cafeteria only.


Is it possible to do this trek in only 3 days?

Yes. However, this option is only recommended for experienced hikers. 


What is the altitude at the entrance of the trail (Km 0/ starting point)?

The altitude at the starting point of the trek is 1,400 m.a.s.l. 

Trip Facts

Local guide is mandatory.

Maximun altitude is 3,820 m.a.s.l at the summit.

All meals required are included.

Difficulty is moderate (4-day option).

How to get to San Jerónimo


Number of People *Price
1 $750
2 $571
3 $510
4 $482
5 $463
Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card

*Prices per person in US dollars

*Guiding service is mandatory

*Maximum people per group is 5 for this trek


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