Reasons for Loving Trekking and Hiking

     Trekking is the best activity a person can choose for vacation time. First of all, it takes you out of your daily routine and monotony. Getting out of the city will make your mind release all the negative thoughts and worries you get from the stress of the city. Thus, you have the chance to escape from all the noise, stinking trash, and crowded streets; in contrast, you will find nice sounds of nature, like the singing of birds; pleasant smells, like the one from the blooming plants; and open areas like the moorland. Sencondly, hiking improves your health in many different ways. For instance, aerobic activities give extra oxygen to your muscles, providing them with a boost that increases your energy level. Besides, it helps you burn some calories while enjoying breathtaking landscapes from the heights. Thirdly, it makes you a better person. In a group of hikers, teamwork is essential. The team members share the tasks so that everyone colaborates for the activity. Moreover, it helps you be a decisive person. In order to reach the top of the hill or destination, a hiker must be convinced to accomplish the goal and continue until succeding. These are just some of the reasons why you should make up your mind and choose trekking over other activites.


We are a tour operator established in Costa Rica that offers hiking and mountaineering options for those who wish to explore the most remote and majestic places in Costa Rica.


When planning your trip, it is advisable to know certain aspects about the country you visit. Therefore, we have a section you may want to read in order to know generalities of the country.

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