Reservations for Chirripó National Park open up on September 28th

     Chirripó National Park is by far the best destination to go trekking in Costa Rica. The park has been closed since Febrary 15th due to contractual disputes on the services given at Base Crestones Lodge. Nevertheless, all this is in the past. Starting from September 28th 2020, hikers can once again enjoy visiting this extraordinary park. Reservations will be available to book admission until April 2021.

      It is important that visitors know that due to the spread of COVID-19 they will need to follow the protocol stablished by the park authorities. Moreover, the number of visitors that can stay in the station has been reduced to 50%. That is 30 visitors per night. However, the administration has improved the common areas to comply with the requirements stablished by the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica. Finally, you can contact us with any inquiry about the booking process or make your reservations through us. See you at the summit!

Chirripó National Park
View from the summit of Chirripó peak

Tours Available to Visit Chirripó National Park

Trekking in La Amistad International Park  is possible to four different summits. Choose the adventure that better adjusts to your travel itinerary.



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