"Veranillo de San Juan" Dog days of Summer in Costa Rica

     For local Costa Ricans, especially farmers, it is very common to use the expression “veranillo de San Juan” refering to the period of time when we have a short “summer time” within rainy season. They usually take advantage of this short period of days without rains for agricultural labors. However, tourists can be benefited with nice days during wet season as well.

     Normally, this little summer time falls around June 24th, when it is celebrated the day that commemorates Saint John (the Baptist). Nevertheless, it may fall at any time, and it may very a lot depending on weather patterns. In fact, the phenomenon takes place due to the acceleration of trade winds from the Caribbean being stronger than the ones coming from the pacific ocean, taking away clouds and therefore moisture.

     This unnormal atmospheric condition usually last for one week, but it can last a little longer for the lucky ones to enjoy this nice weather. Although everyone would like to enjoy of the advantages these days have, the “Veranillo de San Juan” only takes place in the pacific side of the country, some places of Guanacaste, central pacific area, and central valley mainly.

     This condition benefits a lot of visitors and may give them the nicest trip while visiting in Costa Rica because it takes place during low season, meaning there are no crowds, you pay less and enjoy more. Hikers and surfers would really appreciate to have a trip like this having more relaxation and attention for them.


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