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     Pérez Zeledón is located in the South of Costa Rica, and it is the 19th canton of the San José Provice. The main city is San Isidro de El General. This is a small and lovely city from where several tourist attractions can be visited. On this post, we tell you about activities and attractions you can enjoy while staying here. Most importantly, about the tours in Pérez Zeledón you can find.

     Pérez Zeledón is well-known as a tourist destination because of the presence of the Chirripó peak. Certainly, this is the highest mountain in the country and the second highest in Central America. Consequently, Pérez Zeledón is a must-see destination for hikers visiting the country. This area has plenty of options for trekking besides Chirripó. Chirripó National park is the most emblematic attraction of this canton. However, there are several other places and activities visitors can enjoy.

Chirripó National Park
View from the summit of Chirripó peak

Trekking and Hiking

     By now, it was already mention that trekking is one of the activities you can enjoy. In fact, Chirripó is the utmost experience in the country for this activity. You can find plenty of information about this outstanding place in our post Everything about Chirripó. Additionally, the most popular tour to visit the park is Chirripó Classic Tour, but other options can be found in the Chirripó National Park page including Urán-Chirripo Loop and Chirripo through Sabana de los Leones. Finally, other hiking tours include the ones below.

Hiking Tours Available in Pérez Zeledón Area

Pérez Zeledón is influenced by the presence of the  Talamanca Mountain Range and the abundance of forests in protected areas. As a result, it is the best place for trekking and hiking activities in Costa Rica.


     Birding tours in Pérez Zeledón area offer a great variety of options and the amount of species you can find is impressing. Furthermore, because of the strategic location of the city of San Isidro, birders can easily travel to different habitats in short times. In other words, a wide variety of birds can be found in short distances. In addition, some of the places for great birding activities include Los Cusingos Bird Sanctuary, Bosque del Tolomuco, San Jerónimo, Santa María de Brunca in Buenos Aires, and San Gerardo de Dota.  Above all, this last place is well-known by the presence of Quetzals. 


White Water Rafting

     Pérez Zeledón is an excellent area for rafting. You can book your tour for an amazing experience that starts in downtown San Isidro, where you will be picked up.The tour takes around 5 hours and rafting is performed along the Rio General. For bookings, fill out our contact form and we will provide all the assistance you need.


Adventure tours Costa Rica



     Another activity you can enjoy while staying in the area is Canopy. This activity can be done at Mirador Valle de El General where you will have an experience loaded with adrenalin.


     You can enjoy this activity when visiting San Jerónimo of San Pedro. This small village offers rural tourism and local people have developed small businesses with different options. For instance, Agro San Miguel Adventures is one of these local businesses. This family project offers rappelling tours, as well as short hikes and delicious local food in their restaurant.


Coffee Tour

     As previously pointed out, San Jerónimo offers several tour options for visitors. Here, some locals offer a tour through their coffee plantations explaining the process required so people can have a good cup of coffee. Therefore, you will have the experience of seeing how coffee is produced and the opportunity to taste a cup of coffee produced by them.


Crestones Rocks at the distance



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