Packing Lighter for Trekking Journeys

       Packing light is a key aspect when planning your trekking journey. Alleviating the load of your backpack will reduce your effort and fatigue, not to mention you will move faster and reduce your king time. However, we all know how hard it is to decide what items to leave behind. In this post, we will help you to pack lighter and make these hard decisions to shed some extra kilograms. 

Distribute the Load Evenly

       When traveling in group or pairs, sharing the load will benefit the group in general. If one hiker is logging behind, the rest will have to wait for him/her. Thus, sharing the load will benefit the group’s general performance. Notice that distributing the load evenly means that strong members can carry more weight than others. It will not be fair to split the weight in equal number of pounds for all members as some may not be as strong as others. Work as a team and benefit the group’s overall performance.


Hut for first night Urán trek
Group of hikers

Cut Down on your Wardrobe

       This is simple. You can reuse your clothes. You will not need clean clothes every single day of your trip. In fact, you will only need clean and dry clothes after hiking. That being said, you can reuse the clothes you used for hiking and save clean and dry garments for indoors. Thank about it, you will sweat these garments anyways, and they will get dirt and wet as well. Getting dirt is part of the adventure, and this is okay even for your pictures. just remember to put the clothes that are meant to be clean into a plastic bag if your backpack is not waterproof. 


Repackage Food and Personal Hygiene Items

      Food and personal hygiene products are usually over packed or the quantity required for the trip is very small. Therefore, you can use ziplock bags or smaller containers to repack the exact amount you need. Not only will you carry a lighter backpack but you will also have more room in it, an it will be more organized. This will really make a difference to pack lighter than you could imagine. Of course, depending on the trek you may take more stuff with you. Just to mention one the Urán- Chirripó Loop requires you to carry your own sleeping bag and many other things, but applying these principles you will make it possible to carry your own stuff.


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Chirripó summit 3,820 m.a.s.l
Chirripó summit 3,820 m.a.s.l

Leave Nonessentials behind

     This really sounds silly, but it must be said. When packing up, ask yourself two basic questions: Is this item necessary for the trek? and if so ask yourself the second question. What quantity do I really need with me? If you answer honestly to these two questions, chances are you will have a very light pack and enjoy your hiking experience. This does not mean you cannot pack your earbuds, or other light and great items. Just consider not including stuff that will only add much bulk to your pack. By employing these simple principles, you will definitely pack lighter than you thought.

Mt Urán
Mt Urán at 3,660 m.a.s.l.


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