Madre Selva Rainforest Experience

     For a large number of people around the world, Corcovado National Park is a par excellence destination. The reason is that this park is home to 2,5% of the world’s biodiversity, and many who have come to the country suggest this park to their friends or relatives. However, there are many other places in the Osa Penninsula that you will love to visit while staying in this zone. Madre Selva Rainforest Experience is one of them. 

     Madre Selva is a 560 hectares private reserve, several of which were once land dedicated to livestock. Nevertheless, in the same way many other farmers in Costa Rica made up their minds, the owner of Madre Selva (Jhonson Villalobos) started protecting the forest in his property. Jhonson was a hunter in the past; however,  it was part of Costa Rican people’s culture to hunt at that time. This was one of the ways to make their living. Nowadays, he protects not only the forest in his property but also the huge diversity of animals that inhabit the reserve.

Madre Selva Rainforest Experience
Landscape in Madre Selva Rainforest Experience

     The project is located in Progreso, a community near Drake Bay. Some of the activities you can do here are trekkingbirdwatchingcampinghorseback ridingnight tours, and swimming beside the waterfalls. This place is a great option if you are visiting Drake Bay, Puerto Jiménez, or even the Corcovado Park since it is quite close to any of those destinations. So you may schedule one or two days in your itinerary to live this intense adventure. Do not forget to bring waterproof hiking shoes (during rainy season). You may also buy rubber boots once you arrive in Costa Rica.

Living the Rainforest intensely!!!

     Camping in Madre Selva is a sensational experience. There, you can witness what they meant to when they named the project since the Mother Nature shows up in all its splendor. Mixed flocks of birds, frogs, reptiles, and a variety of insects can be easily seen. Mammals like monkeys, tapirs, peccaries, agoutis are also usual. You will feel how you draw energy from this incredible living forest. The singing of birds, streams running through their channels hitting the ground and stones as they go down, the call of different species, and the dark nights allowing you to see the stars during clear sky nighs are just some of the experiences that you will live.

Hike Madre Selva Rainforest Experience
Route of the Felines Trail

   These people offer an excellent trek called Route of the Felines. The trek is called this way due to the quantity of records of wild cats they have registered. Trap cameras that let them know about the large number of wildcats pass through this territory. In a nutshell, this an 8 hours walk starting from Rancho Quemado. There are two observatories where you can rest and eat something while enjoying the views of “Laguna Chocuaco” in one of them and “Isla Violines” in the other one. At the end of the tour, you will arrive in the camping area where you can also spend the night. The next day in the morning, a hike to the waterfalls is the second activity you should do.

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Location of Madre Selva


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