Laguna Chocuaco Lodge

     When visiting Drake Bay or Puerto Jiménez, it is highly suggested to visit Laguna Chocuaco Lodge. This is a gorgeous place where you can do activities like hiking, fishing in a natural lagoon, trekking to the jungle, birdwatching, or simply relaxing at a place surrounded by the tropical rainforest.

The lodge

     This lodge is located in Racho Quemado of Osa at just 40 minutes from Drake Bay. Very convenient for those who enjoy doing different activities. Moreover, the lodge offers nice and comfortable rooms at a very cheap cost, $47 per room in double occupancy including breakfast and taxes.

Laguna Chocuaco Lodge

Their story

     The Villalobos family bought the property in 1970. At that time, Costa Rican peasants worked in agriculture with great love and dedication. Seven years later, one of the children. Carlos, obtained a bachelor degree in wood engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. He told his family it was not necessary to continue cutting down the forest for agriculture. “A standing tree is worthier than a sawed one”, he said. His whole family disagreed and told him he was crazy.

Laguna Chocuaco Rancho Quemado Osa

     In 1990, the Villalobos family realized Carlos was right. They started preserving the forests in their property and quit hunting wild animals. Five years later, Carlos bought another property and preserved its forest. One year after that, he got a scholarship to take a course in Agro-ecotourism. From that time on, he got a new perspective and started working in tourism. For many in the village, he was out of his mind, but in 1999 tourists begun to visit the place and time gave him the reason. Soon, 8 more families joined the touristic activity. Today, most of the locals work in tourism.

Attractions and tours

     The property has a short trail in which you can take a short hike. Many species of mammals, birds, and reptiles show up, specially during the morning or at the end of the afternoon. You may also enjoy paddling on the Chocuaco Lagoon. This is a relaxing boat tour in which you can watch several species of aquatic birds from the area. Carlos also offers a trekking tour to his property. He called it “Jungla Corcovado” (Corcovado Jungle) because it borders the Corcovado National Park. Basically, you can see almost all of the species that inhabit the national park in this property. 


Horseback Riding Tour

     This activity consists of an expedition passing through the village of Rancho Quemado, heading to “La Mina de Oro” (gold mine) and finishing at Caminos de Osa’s lookout. Besides the hoseback riding experience, you have the opportunity to watch several species of colorful birds of the Osa Peninsula and common mammals in the area. Once in the lookout, you have a nice view of the Chocuaco Lagoon. We return to Laguna Chocuaco throught a different route in search of tapirs if conditions allow it. Animals you may see include felines, tapirs, peccaries, and monkeys. The tour takes from 3 to 4 hours.

Duration 3 hours

Recommendations: Long pants, rubber boots, bottle of water, sunscreen, insect repellent and hat. 

Price $45 per person

Chocuaco Lagoon Boat Tour

     The tour starts near the cabins from where we walk 10 minutes towards the main channel of the lagoon. During our trip through the dense vegetation in the surroundings of the trails and the waterway, several species of birds will show up, other species of reptiles and mammals may appear during our visit. We will also see the agro ecological production system employing fences made up of living trees, trees planted in the paddocks, protection of the rivers, as well as the preserved primary and secondary forests in the property. Once on the boat, we will travel by a water path that has more than 40 years of use; where  engines to propel the boats are not allowed in order to preserve the ecosystem in this natural wetland. Instead, visitors row the boat during the journey. Through that waterway, we sail for 1 kilometer until we reach the Chocuaco lagoon. It is surrounded by mountain ranges, a unique landscape, and an unmatched panoramic view.  You can see and hear many waterfowl. It is possible to Watch caimans and do amateur fishing. The place is very peaceful and excellent for feeling relaxed.

Duration 3 hours

Recommendations: Light clothing, boots, bottle of water, sunscreen, insect repellent and hat. It is mandatory for safety to put on the lif jacket.

Price $45 per person

Departure hours: 7 a.m or 2 p.m

     Now you have many reasons to visit Laguna Chocuaco and enjoy this truly nice place in the Osa peninsula. For further information you may send a message through our contact section.

location of Laguna Chocuaco Lodge


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