La Chiripa Campground

     Hiking to La Chirripa is a joyful and nice experience. La Chiripa is a camp ground located in San Jerónimo de San Pedro Village. This is a private property situated next to the Chirripó National Park. Different from the popular Chirripó National Park, this place offers a nice and short trail to the camp ground, from which you can visit waterfalls and natural tunnels with abundant fresh water.

     This place offers great landscapes and exuberant vegetation, diversity of flora and fauna can also be found along the journey. Moreover, there is a hut, where people can have meals and socialize during the trip. However, visitors stay in camping tents during the stay. Finaly, this place is a great option for families that want to have a calm trip to the mountains with some privacy and a low difficulty as the distance is only 5 km to reach the camp ground and low altitude (2,100 m.a.s.l.). 

    Even though Costa Rica Trekking Expeditions still does not have the tour information available in the website,visitors can request the details about the trek and prices through our contact page. Please, do not hesitate to ask as many questions and book with us this lovely expedition. 



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