Las Quebradas Biological Center (FUDEBIOL)

     Las Quebradas Biological Center (also known as FUDEBIOL) is one of the tourist places that is located near the town of San Isidro de El General. It is located in the community of Quebradas at 8 km from San Isidro del General. It was found on May 13th, 1989 under the legal framework of the Law of Foundations No. 5338 of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica and on November 27, 1990 it was declared public utility by the Government of Costa Rica according to resolution No. 195 (Monge, 2012).

Hiking in FUDEBIOL!

    This peaceful place is surrounded by forest and full of wildlife thanks to the FUDEBIOL fundation that preserves the forests and therefore water resources. This important resource provides with drinking water throughout the year. Furthermore, this nature reserve is an amazing place to go hiking. The property has several trails through primary and secondary forest excellent for having contact with nature. Additionally, you can take a shower in the fresh waterfall. Thus, this nature reserve is one of the tours in Pérez Zeledón you can enjoy.


     FUDEBIOL is a 35-hectares property.This land hosts a great variety of plants and animals, being the preservation of water resource their primary objective. Thus, the place  offers waterfalls, trails, green areas for picnic, and wildlife. This is a great place to find some peace of mind and enjoy in family or with friends.


     The foundation offers lodging for groups of visitors, students, or researchers. They also need volunteers to fulfill their goals of preserving the nature reserve. 

Conservation Effort

     The Foundation was created in order to preserve natural resources, especially the aquifer system. Two of FUDEBIOL’s most important tributaries are La Pizota and La Catarata streams. The Pizota is the main one, since it is where the Quebradas River is born. Apart from these tributaries, it has a primary and secondary forest, since this was a farm where the cabuya was planted (Monje, 2012).

hiking trail FUDEBIOL
Hiking trails in Las Quebradas Biological Center

Can I hire Guiding service?

     Yes, you may hire a guide. Please, make sure you request the service in advance and let us know if you have any specific expectations.



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