One Day Tour in Chirripo 3 days/ 2 nights

"Chirripó Hike San Gerardo Side"

     Missing the chance to visit Chirripó National Park might be the most disappointing experience for hikers planning to visit the park.Therefore, we have made up an exciting hiking tour for those advanced hikers willing to live an fascinating expedition: a one day tour in Chirripo. Most visitors do not realize they need to arrange their trip to Chirripo with plenty of time, so they end up finding out all those details when it is too late. Nevertheless, we have designed a tour that fulfills your needs at those crucial moments. This hiking tour gives you the possibility to reach the highest summit of Costa Rica in one challenging but amazing day. The tour consists of an almost 40 km (24,85 miles)  journey to climb up and down this colossal mountain, starting from San Gerardo de Rivas and ascending around 2,500 m.a.s.l. in total. 

     This hiking tour is only for advanced hikers used to climbing up similar mountains under similar circumstances. Moreover, visitors need to take under consideration the distance, altitudes, and weather conditions in Costa Rica, which is quite humid and hot. Aditionally, air pressure affects and increases significantly the difficulty for this hike along with oxygen availability at that altitude. Notice that this hike requires to spend two nights in San Gerardo even though the park is visited for only one day. 

What to Bring?
Trip Facts
How to get to San Gerardo de Rivas

Day 1

Arrival to San Isidro de El General and meet the person who will assist you for the check-in at the park ranger office. Travel to San Gerardo and stop at the two offices to check into and pay for breakfast and lunch (during the hike) for the next day. Then, departure to the hotel where you will spend the next two nights. In the afternoon, the guide will meet you at the hotel to give directions about the hike.



Day 2

Departure at 1:00 a.m. towards Base Crestones (the station in the park). There are 14,5 km from the entrance of the trail to the station. Here, you can have breakfast (must be prepaid the day before). Later, we continue hiking to reach the Chirripó peak at 3,820 m.a.s.l. Stunning landscapes might appear if the sky is clear. After enjoying our achievement, we start hiking down the mountain to have lunch at the station and continue all the way to San Gerardo de Rivas. 


Day 3

Breakfast and check out or if you wish you can add more nights in the village to do other hikes. 


Two nights of lodging in San Gerardo de Rivas


                    Day 1: Dinner

                    Day 2: Dinner

                    Day 3: Breakfast

Admission to Chirripo national park

1 day of local guiding service

Assistance for check-in at the park office

What to Bring?


  • Headlamp
  • Gloves
  • Hiking shoes
  • Bottle of water or camel bag
  • Sunblock
  • Sweater
  • Hat/cap
  • Poncho (rainy season)


Optional (recommended)

  • Hiking poles



How many spots are there available for one-day tours per day?

There are only 10 spots per day for one-day tours


How many spots are along the trail to recharge water?

There are 3 places where you can recharge your bottle of water: at km7, Km13 and Crestones base camp. Please ask us for a map once the booking is made. This will give you a better picture of what the trail looks like.


How much time in advance should I book the tour?

During high season (November- April) the park gets booked up quickly. You may want to book the tour as soon as you are certain of the dates you will visit the park. Otherwise, you might lose the opportunity to visit Chirripo.

Trip Facts

Maximun altitude is 3,820 m.a.s.l at the summit.

Local guide is included for this tour

Meals: breakfast and Iunch for the hike must be paid at the office in San Gerardo for the hike

Difficulty challenging (only for experienced hikers)

Total distance 39 km in total (24,2 miles)

How to get to San Gerardo de Rivas


Number of People *Price
1 $410
2 $292
3 $274
4 $265
5 $250
Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card

*Prices per person in US dollars

*The tour is not offered without guiding service

*For more than 5 hikers please request quotation


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