One-Day Hikes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a perfect country to go hiking. You can take a one-day hike and get to know the destination in a brief visit even though your travel time is limited. In addition, the country offers a great variety of destinations excellent to do short or long hikes among the intense jungle or to high mountains over 2,900 m.a.s.l. For instance, hikes involve visiting waterfalls, national parks, or high peaks in the country like Chirripó peak. 

Why taking single-day hiking tours?

One-day hikes is a section is designed for hikers who have little time to visit the country, for those who missed the chance to get spots, or for those who want to squeeze itineraries and take advantage of the time while visiting the country. Thus, we have adapted the following destinations for one-day hikes. However, some tours may require visitors to spend the night(s) at the villages in order to take the tour even thought the place is visited only for a single day.

Visitors who have more time to spend at each destination might like to visit our trekking tours section for multiple-day trips. Moreover, we remind national parks in Costa Rica get booked up even 5 months in advance during high season. Therefore, plan your trip with plenty of time so you avoid losing the opportunity to visit those amazing destinations.


We are a tour operator established in Costa Rica that offers hiking and mountaineering options for those who wish to explore the most remote and majestic places in Costa Rica.


When planning your trip, it is advisable to know certain aspects about the country you visit. Therefore, we have  a section you may want to read in order to know generalities of the country.

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