Corcovado National Park

     Corcovado is located in the south Pacific of Costa Rica, specifically in the amazing Osa Peninsula. This amazing territory became national park on October 24th 1975. The protected area is composed of 424 kilometers of tropical rainforest that host a colossal diversity of species. There is no other place in the world that surpasses the number of species that can be found in a region of similar size.

     The Osa Peninsula, which includes other protected areas private and non-private, has from 25 to 30 different ecosystems, making it a perfect place for adventurers that want to have the expedition of their life. In fact, trekking is the par excellence activity since people can have a very intense journey through the dense tropical rainforest, witnessing the beautiful landscapes and habitats along the way. Hiking trails go along coastal and inland habitats, some of which include swamps, mangroves, secondary forests, primary forest, and beaches.

Sirena Station Corcovado park
Sirena Station

Stations in Corcovado National Park

     The park can be visited from different trails allowed by the park authorities. The park stations in the park are Sirena (most intense), Los Patos, and San Pedrillo.You may click on each of the tour offered on this website to know more about each one or contact us for further information about our trekking and hiking options in this national park.

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Corcovado Tours

Visiting Corcovado National Park is possible to three different stations. Choose the tour that better fits your travel expectations.



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