Destinations for Trekking Tours in Costa Rica

     Costa Rica is a small country, but one with a huge diversity of climates, forests, landscapes, and fauna in all its destinations. This condition makes it a really wonderful country to visit for many adventure activities. Trekking is not the exception. Our country offers a wide range of possibilities for this activity going from light hikes in the lowlands to walking among the dense forests to the high lands of places like Cerro de la Muerte, Chirripó National park and other mounts above 2900 m.a.s.l in the south.

     On this section, we have grouped hiking and trekking options. Our objective is that you can decide which one fits best to your expected journey. Thus, you may make your choice according to the geographic location, distances, attractions, and any other circumstances you consider. This will definitely let you make a good decision among the options we offer.

Trekking Destinations

Endemic moor forests in the area and trails between oak forests make your walk have several scenarios on the way.

The highest peak in Costa Rica will be a wonderful experience while having the chance to see both coastlines at the same time if weather allows.

Jungle everywhere and a huge diversity of flora and fauna species will make your trekking journey the best experience.

     We have arranged this section based on national parks mostly. However, some national parks have different stations or mounts that can be visited. We invite you to click on each on the name of those parks so you can see more details about each one. Furthermore, you may also go the the full list of tours in order to see all different destinations for trekking or hiking in Costa Rica. In addition, if you wish to know more details about the specific places, you may visit our travel blog. Consequently, you will acquire valuable information to know exactly what places to visit.


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When planning your trip, it is advisable to know certain aspects about the country you visit. Therefore, we have a section you may want to read in order to know generalities of the country.

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